Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Donald Trump and his 7 States

I have had so many questions concerning the US travel ban of seven Islamic Nations, signed Executive order by Donald Trump. I will start by pondering on the assertions by populist factions that the travel ban would ultimately stabilize ISIS’s recruitment for the Jihad. The Jihad is a movement that has been existing long before the enthronement of the US as a world power. The Jihad is an Islamic foundation, although not part of the 5 pillars of Islam, serves as a vehicle to instil the culture, and was acceptable as long as there are no associated significant casualties (Collateral damage) arising from the jihadist travails. I really don’t see how the Travel ban would accentuate Jihadist recruitment of Arabs. The blow back on the travel ban probably was due to the person behind it more than its implication. Everything is politics. The Democrats, along with the disgruntled Republicans, like McCain, would do anything to repeal major crusades by Donald Trump’s administration. Although most claim that his actions would buoy more Arabs towards joining the murderous ISIS and the rest of the Jihadist groups, why, because an average Arab’s escapist plan from the jihadist is fleeing to America? How many citizens (from these seven states) eventually get into the US? According to Statistics by the United Nation on Refugees in-flux to The US carried out in 2015, showed that more than 70% of applications of citizens from these seven Islamic regions are rejected annually and another 7-13.8% of the 30% whose application scale through are deported, after post-travel background check. So who is fooling who? It is unfortunate that a travel ban by another country on another should be this worrisome. I expect these seven states to issue and implement a retaliatory immigration policy against the US instead of raising hell about it.

Secondly, why would an Arab seek to become a jihadist if he does not share the same views with them? Remember some civilians travelled from Europe to join ISIS. In spite of the nomenclature, distance and the inherent danger, they struggled to join the group. Isn’t it then crystal clear that the Jihadist groups appeal to emotions rather than reasons? A psychologist or psychiatrist cannot truly begin to understand a mental disease unless it understands its pathology. Have we truly understood these evolved Jihadist? You could perhaps begin to learn by surveying why young and sane, non-Muslim European citizens would join a murderous group. You can add it up. I won’t explain the definition.  Joining the course isn’t by proximity rather by volition. Or perhaps referring to those who are conscripted to the course; knowing this, shouldn’t the US be setting up a refugee camp for all potential ISIS member in one of their precious islands. No they wouldn’t since there is isn’t any pecuniary or diplomatic gain in that. In a nutshell, Donald Trump’s ban is only a daring revelation of the US immigration stance towards these seven Arab nations.

Thirdly, terrorism in these regions were merely as a result of western incursion on a people’s culture, which over a period has culminated into religious warfare. Even among the religion, there is the domineering squabble among the Kurd, Sunni and Shia militia’s fomenting terrors against one another. So, technically, the populist believe that advancing these people to US would quell their affiliations. Or perhaps, over a period of time, an increased number of each group could engender another bloodbath on US soil.

Fourthly, the US have suffered waves of terrorist attacks in the past. Apart from the 9/11, all the others were internally planned. I would imagine the logically thing was to ban those countries from travelling to the states. It is also worthy of note that some of the Jihadist heads like Osama Bin Laden and Anwar al Awlaki  had either US training or Education background. So wouldn’t we agree it is even more injurious for the US to allow these people in their country?

I believe the Democrats, the media and judiciary have been a little biased about the Travel ban of the seven. The unsavory dedication to political correctness is no longer an agenda in the White House. There is a new mayor in town. The travel ban I believe should be lauded by Americans rather the belligerent protests on the streets. Until the world develop a device or equipment capable of detecting Radicals from Liberals, I believe the US should keep the travel ban gifted them by Donald Trump. It would seem that all US citizens are unhappy with the travel ban, but statistics have shown that 31% are in support, 26% against, 33% apathy and 10% Unsure of outcome. Question is, where are the 31% that are in support? Why aren’t they on the streets buffering the campaign against the travel ban? They would rather stay silent behind Trump and watch? I asked a supporter of the travel ban (a reader of my blog) who resides in US, why they aren’t on the street fighting for what they believed in, and in support of Trump. He replied “You know the American dream and ways seemed to have blocked our thinking into believing in the Ideal more than reality. Yes… hmmm the travel ban is undiplomatic of the US, but hem… hard decisions come with harsh realities. How long do you expect us to keep our borders open to this menace? Do you know the number of people that have been killed by these f…king people? You need to check before you start condemning our President’s perfect decision. You know Obama…” he stopped and seemed to retract the last part his statement. He completed by saying “Obama is another matter for another day… let’s focus on this matter” Curious that he should mention fatality resulting from Terrorist attacks, I was forced to ask him if he knew that more Americans have been killed by fellow Americans who have access to guns. What is the US doing about the NRA, who had always repealed the policy for gun control and access? To which he replied; “You know… that is another matter of its own. It is not related to this. Gun control measure is a domestic problem we intend to solve with time…., and… and,… and God knows we do not have common resolve on the issue now but for Islamic Terrorism, the solution of course is to stop them from entering our country. Your question on why we are not on the street protesting the travel ban is funny. You know. The media is the problem. They are not covering our bit and even if they do, they run it with sarcasm and criticism. The media control the people’s emotions. I think one thing Trump need to improve on is to end the media battle. This would be helpful to his government. You know that if this travel ban was implemented by the democrats, that is if they have the guts to do it, there wouldn’t be as much criticism as you have on the media today. It is a shame the media aren’t objective in their reports. I also think….” He got caught off and I couldn’t reach him afterwards. That ended the interview.

Perhaps he is right.

Perhaps the media should be mindful of what they write or broadcast, not to spark an already enraged Arab community or implore the emotions of Americans by pointing out absolute chaotic examples.

Perhaps, dramatizing actions inferred from the White House would ultimately lead into another war rather than peace.

Perhaps, it is the media that should be more concerned about sociopolitical correctness as it is easy for people to be inspired by their pictures and implications. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

African Leaders and their Puppets

Leadership roles in Africa are unfortunately bereft of leaders. Most simpletons who find themselves in positions are more enthused by the position than the roles of the position. They enjoy the fame availed by their positions, fanning their ego to oppress their peers and adversaries. It is not only a common thing at every sector of the government but also common with the so called followers who have watched their leaders squander positions for personal gains. They in turn want similar positions in order to repeat the fraudulent and opulent lifestyle their predecessor led.

This uncanny way of life has been parading the vicissitude of the African Continent and has been responsible for politicians whoring positions to satisfy their egotistical affections. This recidivist leaders have no cause to change because their followers are the mediocre that fuel their desire to remain in office amidst glaring failure.

One of the major problems in Africa is that the masses (the down trodden, the hewers of wood and drawers of water) are a complacent lot, who are not ready to exchange force for change. A good example of such is the Nigerian citizenry. I have never known any people that is so indifferent to their future. For example, If a Nigerian buys a loaf of bread today at N100 and the next day, the price of the same size and quality of loaf bread has increased to N200, a typical Nigerian will never ask question or show any signs of outward protest but willingly and grudgingly seek an immediate truce. He will simply ask the bread seller to slice him N100 worth (Half) of the same bread he bought yesterday for N100. Compromise is a common character of a Nigerian. He never asks questions. He does not want to rock the boat. He cannot confront a lingering situation inimical to him and descendants. He would rather remain at status quo than create a fuss that could possibly lead to the exoneration of his predicament.

Perhaps the Middle Class and the Elites who can be categorized as narcissistic and lunatic have had a good run at the expense of the masses or they are simply an art that the masses need to keep their hopes sturdy and alive. It is an assumption by a larger proportion of the masses that their time will come when they will overcome their wants. Their endless hope is ever suppressing.
An unknown crusader once said “Every citizen deserve its leadership”. The masses, who form more than 80% of the electorates can choose their leadership by voting their conscience and not their immediate needs. A constituency that chose its leadership on performance will do well than one who chose based on popularity or common charity. Here in Nigeria, people choose their leadership definitely not on performance but generosity and popularity. It is true that the eyes don’t see the essential but here in Nigeria, the eyes can see the non-essential, for the basic essentials are non existent. Unfortunately it is the non-essential that they endorse.

Nepotism and Racial Bigotry is another problem on another level. I partly agree with Achebe, the egalitarian prodigy, that Nigeria is not a country but a people existing with inward antagonism. A people suffering from Cultural Schizophrenia, Eurotoxification and a Lunatic Elite. The Leaders have used tribe and religion as an instrument to manipulate the emotions and sentiments of the governed, to an extent that the latter have become oblivious of the bigger picture. Every tribe in Nigeria is striving to protect a culture that has since been receding into the crevices of their memory. Morality should be the order of the day, but morality counts for nothing in the face of religion and tribe.  The Hausas who are predominantly Muslims are driven more by religion and live in a closely knit culture controlled by Islam. The Igbos, who are predominantly Christians are semi-influenced by their religion but are fiercely individualistic, materialistic and industrious. The Yorubas, a melting point for all the races and religion are tolerant in a flagrant manner and egotistically bias. We race to keep our race at the top but we forget about nation building. At the expense of race dominance, we forget to live but merely exist to keep the elites living off our puerile and gullible existence.

Education was meant to alleviate poverty but has created more confusion than enlighten Nigerians. Half bred educators teaching mindless students would only create a jejune mind. The sheer banality of setting out to school is being defeated at the end of the day, for more than many are a misfit of what they acclaimed. It is a nasty experience to butter the face of a bread that has lost its bromate to expiration. Most of the knowledge taught in school are dead. I remember back in the university; my lazy lecturer taught us exactly the same way, same examples that he taught students seven years ago; Thank heavens I was able to borrow one of the notes of a seven-year-old graduate from the same department. I need not write any notes of his, for the notes I borrowed from the alumnus was a perfect replica. The education system is recursive and not advancing, typical of the country. Education is supposed to make us better but I guess it is just an instrument too. An advance citizenry should be the target of every educational system and not make you half boiled egg. Making you a side dish, to be eaten or discarded. The system, if at all had achieved anything, had made us nothing but appendages, seeking succor from the elites or privileged, creating a corrosive cycle.

 The leaders would not encourage an advance citizenry. They will never better education in this country because they know that it is their adversary to leadership. The more naïve the people are, the better for their cusp of leadership. I cannot remember a time when military and Civilians (Politicians alike) have ever campaigned without including Building Good Roads, Power restoration, Good Schools and Hospitals. I believe at this time, our leaders should be campaigning with more advanced global issues like Global Warming, Economic diversification, urbanization of rural areas, effective depopulation of urban areas. Nuclear program for power and medicine. Scientific discoveries and technological advancement, Space exploration etc.   A citizenry that know its right and seek change is a revolutionary and advanced citizen. ‘Our sidon look’ attitude will only earn us nothing but freedom from glory and subservience to poverty.

We attack each other at election time to install crooks and brigands in positions. Many potential soldiers of freedom lose their lives, fighting on the streets in support for politicians who would soon forget them as soon as election is won. What have we done with ourselves? Only to seek improvement by groveling and ingratiating from the same set of people we queued up to elect. We need to wake up and put tribalism. Religion, status and nepotism aside and elect egalitarian leaders.

I agree. It is difficult to know a true leader. They are wolves in sheep linen. Vote for performance and track records and you will see a change in leadership. Do not vote for popularity, showmanship, group or individual success. It is only here in Nigeria that people detained for corrupt practices are declared winners of election, even while in detention. People who are wanted for international crime and have serious litigation pending against them, win elections. With our eyes opened, we pluck, wash and eat bad apples and expect not to purge. Who are we fooling? Poor choice in leadership begets poor administration. We have lived in deepening anarchy for years to support a fragile peace. It is about time we purge the anarchy and perpetuate good governance and peace.

Remember my brethren, we need to break the circuit in order to reset it. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nigeria in the Cross-Strait fire

Only a few would stop to think about Nigeria’s overwhelming decision to suddenly severe diplomatic ties with Taiwan. The demotion of Taiwan by the Federal Government of Nigeria to a trade state and not a sovereign state developed from China’s influence on Nigeria.

Perhaps Nigeria at the moment, in recession, has little to offer in terms of holding decision against certain economic power countries like China. Nigeria has to weigh her options between supporting Taiwan as a state and losing China as an economic ally.  The frontier of the cold war between China (PROC) and Taiwan (ROC) has seen different supporters from different states and even region depending on the government affiliation. Taiwan has been known to be secretly supported by Right hand government while same Right hand governments have not had the effrontery to take the mantle to the UN. China has enjoyed both leftist and controversially right hand governments’ supports. The latter has been due to the need to manage a fragile state of affairs with China. Starting a face-off with China on Taiwan is almost nearly starting one with Russia. Even though Russia and China have disagreements on a number of issues, they share similar feelings on Taiwan remaining a buffer state.
China stands at an advantage both because of her economic and military dominance in the region as well as influence at the UN. Drops of criticism from different quarters have not been able to reverse                                                                                   

China’s stiff control over Taiwan. As long as Taiwan remains a buffer state and not claim sovereign title or seen as a sovereign state by other UN accredited sovereign states, China bears no grudge against them

But with Nigeria dabbling in this 68 year old crisis, with little or no understanding of the international effect (or so I presume) on her diplomatic relations with other countries is yet to be seen. Leaning towards America’s (under Trump) indignation over China’s resistance to Taiwan’s rise to sovereignty, which is a potential cold war between America and China, might drag Nigeria (a less perceptive and ill prepared country) into a cold war.

Hong Kong suffers similar state of affair with China. Typically, it is a ‘one country two systems’ system of affairs in both situations.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

From the inner thoughts of Yahya Jammeh (An innocuous appeal to the world to see reason) Hear him if you can.

Perhaps Jammeh’s resistance and call for a re-election might have presented the erring factor in the electioneering process of the Gambian 2016, Dec 1st election.  From a more eclectic point of view, Jammeh’s resistance to the result was not premeditated for he had initially conceded defeat and even congratulated the President Elect, Barrow ("you are elected president of The Gambia, and I wish you all the best”, I have no ill will.) to the extent that he planned to convene a transition meeting for Barrow’s new presidency. More in Jammeh’s defense; the moment he got the result of the election, he released the opposition leader of the Coalition for Democracy and eighteen (18) others as a sign of good fate and acceptance to the new dispensation.

However, unfortunately the Gambian Election Commission,  after the previous reading of the election results on the 2nd of December, came out with a modified result on the 5th December bringing the margin between Jammeh and Barrow from 8.8% to 3.7%, and a 9.1% reduction on the total votes cast.  

The modified result of the election led to Jammeh’s rethink about leaving office. On the 9th December,  he challenged the result of the election on Gambia National TV saying “He has decided to reject the outcome of the election due to serious and unacceptable abnormalities during the election process.” This of course was met with criticism and jeered uproar from the citizenry and international communities.

…and from a more eclectic perspective, Jammeh would not have conceded to an election result that is fraught with abnormalities. Maybe Gambians are tired of his government and perhaps seek a change in power according to some popular views, but it is worthy of note that it is immoral and unlawful to quest the removal from power, regardless of years on the throne, through an obscured  election.  Are Gambians so desperate to see Jammeh out of power at the expense of justice? He has every right to challenge the results. He did not say he will not leave power irrespective of the judgment.  He has simply petitioned the GEC and the election result and until he is heard there will be no transition.

We should not be too hasty to advance our indignant stereotypic psychic that African leaders are hard to leave power. Remember he had conceded defeat but after the modification of the result, he chose to reject the result and asked for an enquiry into the abnormalities.
The AU and the UN and all other foreign bodies should not stoke a civil war in Gambia, rather they should ensure a speedy judgment of the matter.

We should strive to promote an Africa that displays erudition and candor, and not one that is flawed by misguided emotions and unruly decisions. About (60.5%) of those who heard about the Gambian Election did not read about it. They merely relied on hearsays and elicit empathy for the Gambian citizens, who out of sheer remiss want Jammeh out of power at all cost. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Unsalable Hillary or Sagacious Trump

                                                      Unsalable Hillary or Sagacious Trump

In between reality and forecast, the epiphany that Donald John Trump would trump his competitor to the white house is far-fetched.  This eye opener is scintillating to the seeming reality that what glitters is not golden. The façade that paraded the debates, the call ins, the innuendoes and facets of fracas between Hillary and Trump, with the endless badgering of Trump as an insensitive and unstable option for the white house reflected the entire opposite of the election result. I personally wasn’t shocked by the result. There had always been that inherent applause within the Trump campaign and his nefariously deemed ideals. He spoke astutely, the minds of White Supremacist Americans, although with unguided perversions. He yet misfired, but among his misfires, the origin and mindset of his proposal shone like a golden coin in a mud. How, with his egotism, bigotry, narcissism, he won the coveted election, remains a foggy mystery on the minds of billions.

Many still find it difficult to believe that Hillary’s email scandal compared with Trump’s aberrations and inexperience could have won the election in favour of the latter.  Perhaps the media support for her in spite of email scandal range, where 61% respondent in the Quinnipiac University poll barely 3months ago revealed Hillary as dishonest and untrustworthy, blinded her to address her Achilles’ hill. Her Adviser Joel Bennenston, a renowned strategist and pollster, possibly should share in the blame for her failure. He failed in his job to bring to the fore, the latent hindsight that had consistently been swept beneath notice.

Hillary was built a jetliner by the Polls pooled by CNN and other Medias and she rode on it like an ignorant peacock to an oblivious failure. Marred by the undetailed FBI investigation of the email scandal which was described as an unethical political interference by the White House to salvage her electoral integrity,  her several cosmetic preservation of diplomatic and political prowess neither worked in her interest for the white house nor flipped her personality image-wise. In spite of the conspicuous White House and Media support, she couldn’t swim through. Guessed the Americans saw through her thinly veiled façade and the media propaganda. It is hard to believe that anyone could have lost to Trump, much more Hilary. It’s as if she was fated to lose the election.
The outcome of the election is the voice of Americans. And they must accept the fate that awaits them.  Americans, perhaps chose a rookie over a rocker, time would tell. Global distrust might not reflect the true identity of Trump. He however, actually reflected his own identity with his unmentionable abominations. His victory crystallizes the views of almost 65% of Americans to keep an inbred culture rather than a diversified one.

The only formidable weapon Trump wielded, which in hindsight was Bernie’s against her in the Democrat’s primaries, reared its ugly head in reality to topple her from achieving her coveted position. A Bernie versus Trump run perhaps would have given the Democrats Olympus. The democrat, amidst the fierce scandal against Hillary, exchanged a golden coin for rusty one. The election was lost because of their choice, which was promoted by Obama and her Husband. Sentiments are Politics, and won with it but not without the right permutations.
Trump’s triumph was in his campaign model. The most common campaign, similar to Adolf Hitler in his pre-second world war crusade, (Tell them their problems, Tell them who is to be blamed for it. Tell them how to eliminate those responsible). He told majority Americans what they needed to hear; how he hopes to salvage their future by cutting taxes and giving them back their jobs, which according to him have been stolen by immigrants from Africa and their Latin neighbours. Trump harnessed this model and won the election battle against all odds, and in the U.S for that matter, a country whose bedrock foundation for peace and message of freedom for all pervades the entire globe. It seemed this value is headed for the rock, with millions of African and Mexican immigrants (especially Nigerians) awaiting repatriation or imprisonment.

Except for Trump’s experience in Business, Politics was never his forte. The world is waiting to see what will emerge from his Chrysalis. And the reactions, acidic, indifference or a shocking awe are yet to be born

Monday, September 5, 2016

Just a thought-if it makes some sense somewhere in life

What is the universal certainty that one plus one is equal to two. That our ever seemingly correct calculations and answers are not all one compound errors that have all remained functional due to their consistencies. Breaking away from our own reality or dimension, with a little bit of impulse to address this theorem, couldn’t one plus one, perhaps equal to eleven instead o f how we have been tutored to think it.
We only need to clear our minds of our conceptualized rut and redesign our mathematics. Consistent reliance on a technology that was developed and evolved over the years , building exceedingly  on this paradigm should be obliterated and a pristine idea parallel to the foundation should be evoked and we will see that truly that just as the world is inexplicable in its diversity, so also its mathematics and its functions. 

My assertion must not be taken literally. It is a subtle way to invoke the unknown in you. perhaps you can draw sustenance from what has already been conventionalized. Been nonconforming will not dull you but will make you less agreeable with yourself and possible fathom you a way through... 


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